Since 1997, Armila has been providing representation services for small to medium size foreign manufacturers. The responsibility to properly implement representation activities has been delegated to the company’s marketing and sales departments.

Armila not only provides pre-wholesale and wholesale support but also offers full-scope representation services, including marketing, call centre, regulatory and pharmacovigilance activities.

For pharmaceutical product manufacturers, Armila offers full-scale regulatory support, distribution & market access, as well as marketing services, usually based on exclusive long-term contracts. We can develop and implement a unique marketing plan and campaign for each product, according to the individual client’s needs.

Armila currently provides representation services for 10 international manufacturers: Pohl G.Boskamp GmbH, Protina GmbH, Bode Chemie, Riemser AG, Stallergenes Greer S.A., Baxter, Acon and other.


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