Pharmaceutical products require special care and specific storage conditions in order to maintain the highest quality and suitability for use. For your utmost convenience, we offer fully equipped, 4800 square meters space multi-temperature storage facilities, fully compliant with GDP standards, for safe warehousing of pharmaceutical and medicinal products:

  • Ambient storage facilities +15 °C to +25 °C (4000 pallets)
  • Cold chain +2 to +8 °C (300 pallets)
  • Freezers -20 °C
  • Ultra-low temperature ULT freezers -75 ° C
  • Inflammable product storage room (100 pallets)
  • Storage room for narcotic and psychotropic drugs (100 pallets)
  • Veterinary medicine storage room (100 pallets)

We are trusted by more than 20 pharmaceutical and medical product manufacturers, and the network of our satisfied clients is constantly growing.

We offer modern warehousing facilities:

  • Toyota Material Handling metal racking solutions. Optimizing the handling equipment allows ensuring smooth operation flow, productivity and efficiency – from the moment of product reception until successful delivery.

  • In order to be able to constantly monitor the microclimate parameters, the warehousing rooms have wireless temperature and humidity sensors SIRIUS.

  • A modern sprinkler type fire extinguishing system.