“Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” (Mark Twain)

The market for health care services differs from all other markets: even a slight mistake can be difficult to remove. That is why every participant of the market, even one engaged in hauling the load, must be the highest quality service provider.

Our goal is to ensure the perfect storage and distribution of medicine complying with the requirements of ISO9000 quality system. The State Medicine Control Agency of Lithuania confirmed that Armila Ltd. meets the requirements of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines.

Social responsibility in health care service is one of the underlying policies of the Alliance Healthcare Deutschland. We feel honored that since our union in 2008, Armila has the possibility to expand upon the experience from the parent company for increasing the safety of medicine and putting a stop to the availability of bad quality medicine to the consumers.

Health becomes priceless after we lose it.